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What will happen?

You can phone or email me to make an initial appointment. We can begin to talk about the areas you would like to explore. If we both agree that we would like to work together then we will meet weekly for 50 minutes each time. The end of counselling is not usually set from the start but we will discuss and plan for the ending together. After our initial meeting, if I do not consider that my kind of counselling will be the most appropriate form of help for you, I will discuss with you what other options might be available. I can also offer short-term work if that is appropriate to your needs and resources. We would work together for an agreed number of sessions with an identified focus. This way of working can be helpful for specific problems that relate to more recent events.

Confidentiality and privacy

All personal information disclosed will be treated as confidential. However, there may be occasions (which happen very rarely) when I will need to inform someone else, for example if I am concerned about your safety or that of another person, or when required by law. Where possible, I will discuss this with you at the time. I have regular supervision to help me to reflect on my work: supervision comes within the confidentiality agreement.

I store all information securely and dispose of or delete records as soon as they are no longer relevant or needed for official purposes.

While the Covid 19 pandemic affects us, and although I prefer to work face to face, I am also happy to consider working by phone or video call.